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        F/Actual knowing: putting facts and values in place [1]
        Fabled night, A: with guests Wesley Ferreira, clarinet and Barbara Thiem, cello [2]
        Fabric of history woven into CSU textile collection [1]
        Fabric of wood, The: patterns and processes of river and floodplain large wood on the Merced River, Yosemite National Park, California [1]
        Fabrication and analysis of vanadium oxides and vanadium oxide based magnetic hybrid structures [1]
        Fabrication and performance of selectively oxidized vertical-cavity lasers [1]
        Fabrication of a Fabry-Pérot cavity in a microfluidic channel using thermocompressive gold bonding of glass substrates [1]
        Fabrication of antibacterial thin films from essential oils [1]
        Fabrication of natural and magnetic slippery surfaces [1]
        Fabrication of omniphobic and superomniphobic surfaces [1]
        Fabrication of slippery textured and slippery non-textured surfaces [1]
        Face behind your shirt, The! Global governance: the role of government and Fair Trade Initiative in cotton textile industry in India [1]
        Face detection using correlation filters [1]
        Facebook as a site of stress reduction and resilience amongst trailing wives living in Alaska [1]
        Facets of love [1]
        Facies architecture and depositional processes influencing carbonate facies belt development along a low-inclined shelf, Huk Formation, Norway, and Komstad Formation, Sweden [1]
        Facies distribution, its implications for climate signals, and hydrocarbon potential of the Permian Lyons Sandstone, Front Range Basin, northern Colorado, USA [1]
        Facies patterns and depositional environments of the Peltura scarabaeoides trilobite biozone sediments, Upper Cambrian Alum Shale Formation, southern Sweden [1]
        Facies reconstruction and detrital zircon geochronology of the Ingleside/Casper Formation [1]
        Facilitated process and online toolset to analyze complex systems and coordinate active watershed development and transformation, A [1]