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        I am going to find a new fatherland: nationalism and German colonization societies in the frontier state of Missouri [1]
        I am not a bad friend for having boundaries: exploring the need for and creation of support boundaries in friendships [1]
        I don't want to be here [1]
        I feel everything: a collection of essays [1]
        I feel, therefore I can be free: Black women and Chicana queer narratives as differential consciousness and foundational theory [1]
        I follow in the dust she raises [1]
        I got better: narrative challenges to contemporary psychiatry [1]
        I hope I join the band: narrative, affiliation, and antiracist rhetoric [1]
        I love discussing my work: a case study examining the use of discourse by eighth-grade students in writing workshop [1]
        I M A G E [1]
        I married a "thinker" [1]
        I never fantasize when I run [1]
        I see what you mean: visual and participatory climate change communication [1]
        I see what you're saying: examining self-disclosure and nonverbal communication in digital environments [1]
        I think we're alone now: stories [1]
        I thought there would be more wolves: poems [1]
        I won't stay Indian, I'll keep studying: race, place, and discrimination in a Costa Rican high school [1]
        I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you? A study in postmodern identity (re)construction [1]
        I'm fairly credible, don't you think? A study of the effects of gendered language on source credibility and persuasion [1]
        I. Cognitive and instructional factors relating to students' development of personal models of chemical systems in the general chemistry laboratory. II. Solvation in supercritical carbon dioxide/ethanol mixtures studied by molecular dynamics simulation [1]