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        I feel everything: a collection of essays [1]
        I hope I join the band: narrative, affiliation, and antiracist rhetoric [1]
        I like it I want it [1]
        I M A G E [1]
        I married a "thinker" [1]
        I never fantasize when I run [1]
        I see what you mean: visual and participatory climate change communication [1]
        I think we're alone now: stories [1]
        I won't stay Indian, I'll keep studying: race, place, and discrimination in a Costa Rican high school [1]
        I'd Strike the Son if He Insulted Me: Milton's and Melville's Flawed Revolutionaries [1]
        I'm fairly credible, don't you think? A study of the effects of gendered language on source credibility and persuasion [1]
        I. Cognitive and instructional factors relating to students' development of personal models of chemical systems in the general chemistry laboratory. II. Solvation in supercritical carbon dioxide/ethanol mixtures studied by molecular dynamics simulation [1]
        I. E. Chandler, prescription druggist, prescription sheet. July 1, 1891 [2]
        I. Fertilizers and cover crops for Colorado orchards. II. The utilization of carbon by plants. III. Pear blight [1]
        I. Ground-state association between phenothiazine and tris(diimine)ruthenium(II) complexes: its role in highly efficient photoinduced charge separation. II. Ligand modifications of cobalt complexes to increase efficiency of electron-transfer mediators in dye-sensitized solar cells [1]
        I. Seed dispersal by the critically endangered Alala (Corvus hawaiiensis). II. Integrating community values into Alala (Corvus hawaiiensis) recovery [1]
        IAIMS at Rhode Island hospital integrating the library [1]
        Ian Barbour, Charles Townes and Holmes Rolston [1]
        Ian Barbour, Holmes Rolston, John Polkinghorne and George Ellis [1]
        Ian Rhodes: capstone [1]