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Day 2

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This digital collection includes papers given during the Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene Symposium held in 2017, Day 2 tracks: Track 1: Thinking the Anthropocene: Conceptual Issues in Environmental Justice; Track 2: Law, Rights and Environmental Justice; Track 3: Critical Perspectives on Distributive and Procedural Environmental Justice; Track 4: Climate Justice; Track 5: Water Security and Justice; Track 6: Green Cities, Inclusion, and the Justice of Recognition; Track 7: Alternatives to Development; Track 8: Teaching and Learning Environmental Justice; Track 9: Environmental Justice in China; Track 10: Indigenous People and Environmental Justice; Track 11: Moving Past Rhetoric: Incorporating Social Justice Theory and Praxis That Honors, Empowers, and Transforms Research with Underrepresented/Marginalized Communities; Track 12: Planning for Boulder's Just Transition; Track 13: Intersecting and Hidden Inequalities; Track 14: Environmental and Social Justice in Turbulent Times.