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Day 1

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This digital collection includes papers given during the Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene Symposium held in 2017, Day 1 tracks: Track 1: Food Justice Transitions: Envisioning Real Utopias from Field to Fork; Track 2: Justice and Geoengineering in the Anthropocene; Track 3: U.S. Federal Panel on Agency, Inter-agency, and International EJ Initiatives; Track 4: Environmental Justice, Violence and Historical Exclusion; Track 5: Environmental Justice & the Clean Power Plan; Track 6: Ecological Economics and Climate Justice in the Anthropocene; Track 7: Environmental Justice In and From the Global South; Track 8: Justice Beyond Humans: The Place of Nonhumans in Environmental Justice; Track 9: Environmental Justice in Transnational History; Track 10: Just Transitions; Track 11: Environmental Injustice & Health: From Data to Policy, From Community Narratives to Mobilization; Track 12: Energy Justice; Track 13: Climate Adaption and Environmental Justice in the Boston Region; Track 14: Intergenerational Justice; Track 15: Work, Workers and Environmental Justice; Track 16: Engaged Environmental Justice Research: Doing Post-Normal Science in a Post-Truth Era.